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Delivering Future Cities Forum

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University of Sunderland


Delivering regeneration at scale and pace

17 Oct 2023
  • How do we deliver regeneration at scale and pace? 

  • What are the blockers and what can be done to remove them? 

  • What funding is available and what can be done to make this programme-focused rather than project-focused? 

  • How do we mitigate against macro-economic pressures? 

  • How can we create more certainty, less competition and a longer-term vision? 

Mark Easton, Home Editor - BBC News
Joanne Gordon, Homes & Development Director - Gentoo
Mary Parsons, National Regeneration & Partnerships Director - Lovell
John Tatham, Finance & Investment Director - Thriving Investments (formerly PfP Capital)
Mike Coplowe, Head of Development Partnerships - Legal & General
Darran Lawless, Development Director - Placefirst