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University of Sunderland

Explore our future

Explore our future

This is your chance to shape our future in a series of events that will redefine our city, homes and lives

expo sunderland

One future. Three themes.
Once-in-a-generation opportunities.

How will we live in the next generation?
Find out at Expo Sunderland: an extraordinary series of events.

The cityscape, homes, and lifestyles of the future brought forward for you to experience here and now, in the UK’s first carbon-neutral city-centre neighbourhood. For information and inspiration. For the public, business and industry and government.

Three themes, each providing game-changing experiences for the visiting public, businesses, built-environment and government professionals alike.

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Coming in 2025

Expo Sunderland will explore the future of homes, living and cities in a series of events launching at scale in 2025 with pilot attractions and taster events taking place in 2024.

A citywide experience, centred on Riverside Sunderland – an impressive carbon-neutral, central urban neighbourhood, it will give residents an opportunity to experience the city’s inspiring transformation up close and also draw people, businesses and government from the region, across the UK and beyond.

expo sunderland




expo Sunderland
Future City

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The Future City events programme is where business & government will discuss, explore and progress innovative ideas that create city success.

Inspired by Sunderland’s imaginative regeneration, it will explore how to boost social & economic growth and create sustainable cities.

Residents will also discover Sunderland’s low carbon, connected future through a smart city experience.

  • Discover and discuss ground-breaking ideas that will make cities more equitable, healthy, sustainable and successful in our ever-changing future.
  • Meet the innovators and technologists enabling net-zero progress.
  • Explore the city’s low-carbon, connected future.

Expo Sunderland
Future Living

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The Future Living events programme and festivals are for residents and communities to discover new opportunities in Sunderland including healthy lifestyles, fun and entertaining activities, education, culture, food, low-carbon lifestyles and work.

New prospects in Sunderland’s growing green economy will come to life in workshops and talks, college and university campus open days and a future living at work exhibition and showcase of new job opportunities.

  • A celebration of living well in the city and making the most of new opportunities.
  • Step into healthy, active, low-carbon city living, encompassing leisure and recreation, skills, culture, food, fashion, travel, and finance.
  • Explore what wellbeing at work will look like for the growing business communities of the future.

expo Sunderland
Future Home

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The Future Home events programme is the new destination for expert advice, great inspiration, innovative ideas and products for home design, better building, interiors, sustainable living, shared communities and home technology.

A selection of low-carbon homes and an exciting multi-generational housing development are the main attraction in the Vaux Neighbourhood, all built to the highest specification achievable today. And for a peek into tomorrow’s possibilities, visitors can explore further concept homes that offer affordable, efficient & healthy green homes.

  • Explore sustainable home design, building, energy, interiors, technology, and upgrades.
  • Tour low-carbon concept homes, Expo homes and gardens.
  • Discuss and debate the future of Modern Methods of Construction, Building Information Management, eco-friendly commercial interiors and building management solutions.
Future City
Future Home

Expo Sunderland


  • Bringing together the city’s skills and talents

  • Promoting careers in new industries such as offsite advanced manufacturing and the film industry

  • Increasing employment & career opportunities for everyone in Sunderland

  • Generating interest in green industries and activating supply chains


Expo Sunderland


  • Delivering the City’s carbon neutral commitments​

  • Promoting healthy lifestyles​

  • Protecting natural assets and increasing biodiversity​

  • Creating active travel solutions​

  • Encouraging sustainable living ​

  • Creating circular economies​


expo Sunderland


  • Transforming digital connectivity​
  • Investing in digital skills & innovation​

  • Connecting our communities​

  • Capturing data to improve service delivery

  • Pioneering technological solutions