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Delivering Future Cities Forum

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University of Sunderland


Creating successful places

17 Oct 2023
  • How do we define successful places? 

  • How do we tackle post-industrial townscapes to create beautiful, successful and enduring places?  

  • How do we deliver beautiful design with economic and viability constraints? 

  • How do we support planners and the design and development industries to be the best placemakers? 

  • How do we create good stewardship of popular, healthy and sustainable places? 

Mark Easton, Home Editor - BBC News
Nicholas Boys Smith, Founding Director - Create Streets
Sarah Allan, Head of Architecture - DLUHC
Matthew Morgan, Director - The Quality of Life Foundation
Neil Murphy, Director - Town
Tim Crawshaw MRTPI, Past President of the Royal Town Planning Institute, Chair of Nature Partnership - Royal Town Planning Institute