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Delivering Future Cities Forum

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University of Sunderland


Keynote address

17 Oct 2023
  • Delivering a future city for the people of Sunderland - Patrick Melia, Chief Executive, Sunderland City Council

  • The role of government in delivering strategic regeneration and levelling up - Ed Whiting, Director of Regeneration & Levelling Up, DLUHC

  • The role of Homes England in delivering future cities - Mike Palin, Executive Director for Markets, Partners and Places, Homes England

  • How can technology support the creation of thriving, prosperous and healthy cities - Robin Denton, Director, Local Government, Microsoft

Mark Easton, Home Editor - BBC News
Patrick Melia, Chief Executive - Sunderland City Council
Ed Whiting, Director, Levelling Up - DLUHC
Mike Palin, Executive Director for Markets, Partners and Places - Homes England
Robin Denton, Director, Local Government - Microsoft