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Delivering Future Cities Forum

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University of Sunderland


Creating smart cities

18 Oct 2023
  • What are smart cities and how do we leverage the power of technology to improve experiences, enhance lives and increase business competitiveness? 

  • How can we support people to live independently in happy, healthy homes? 

  • How can digital technology influence urban design and placemaking? 

  • How do we capture and utilise data to define our future cities and services? 

  • How do we deliver digital inclusion to ensure no one and nowhere is left behind? 

Mark Easton, Home Editor - BBC News
Robin Denton, Director, Local Government - Microsoft
Liz St Louis, Director of Smart Cities - Sunderland City Council
Charles O'Reilly, Commercial Director for Smart Places - Boldyn Networks
David Conway, Director of Technical Services - University of Sunderland
Matti Inkinen, CEO - Nomad Energy Solutions