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Expo is here...are you in?

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Expo Sunderland is all about coming together to find new ways to make our cities healthier, our homes greener, and our lives brighter! It’ll go big in 2025 where we will start to explore creative solutions to help the environment and make everything around and us, more sustainable.

It’s all happening in Riverside Sunderland, which is this exciting project in the city centre. We’re trying to make it a place where we can live that's good for the planet too - no pollution and eco-friendly.

Sunderland is already winning awards for being super smart with technology and stuff. We are on our way to becoming one of the smartest cities in the UK and you'll get to experience it all at Expo Sunderland.

Upcoming Expo Sunderland Events

Come & See 2024

Coming soon

Discover the visually striking temporary structure housing the Northeast's first fully immersive screen on Keel Square!

Assembled directly opposite the Vaux Neighbourhood to tell the story of a home in the context of its place.

Exhibition space will be available during Come & See and throughout the year.

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Delivering the Future City 2024

15-16 October 2024

Businesses from across the region will see the exponential growth of our future cityscape and connect with others through new and vibrant conference sessions, round table discussions and extraordinary networking events.

Underpinning conference week in Sunderland to celebrate advancements in architecture, technology, and collaboration.

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Your Future Expo 2025

18-20 March 2025

Expo's first event of scale to be held at the Beacon of Light

Educators and industries investing in Sunderland will showcase the future skills needed in our city for the first time at Expo Sunderland's Your Future Expo event.

A new world of opportunity for school and college students, adults and graduates.

On 18-20 March 2025, our resident population will be able to see that education is matched to future employment in Sunderland with extraordinary exhibits, TED-style talks, workshops and competitions.

Exhibition bookings will open soon!

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Past Expo Sunderland Events

Delivering the Future City 2023

17-18 October 2023

A topic-driven event that brought together leaders who champion innovation, stimulate growth, challenge and share best practice in building the cities of our future.

We explored how Sunderland City Council, local stakeholders, industry partners, regional and national government are working together to deliver social and economic growth and inspire future generations.

This was an invitation only event.

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Come & Play 2024

20-22 February 2024

Our younger residents came along to experience cool new technologies, try out fun games and see innovative ideas from different businesses showing us what they do.

They could watch or have a go at photography, science, art, gaming, music, electric driving, food, fashion and a glimpse at future inventions and how they might change our lives.

The event took place in units 12-19a at The Bridges Shopping Centre.

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Come Outside 2024

28-30 May 2024

Residents of Sunderland came together to explore our new outdoor city scene for a healthier life.

The event was free to attend and there was plenty of family friendly and group attractions, including free-to-book low and high impact exercise sessions, electric car driving tasters and City Hall tours. 

We had bike repairs, nature activities, arts and crafts and sessions to promote sustainability, health and wellbeing.

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