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Expo Briefing

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University of Sunderland

Expo Sunderland Briefings

Attend one of our next Expo briefings at City Hall to hear the latest from us, ask questions and network with city partners and businesses.

What is Expo Sunderland and how can you get involved?

Each briefing will look to be scheduled during an Expo event in 2024 to allow attendees the opportunity to see it for themselves.

Each briefing will include a panel of short presentations from us and city partners that are involved in Sunderland's transformation. 

All invited City Partners can be found here

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Complimentary refreshments will be provided and presentations distributed after the event to attendees.

Briefings will take place regularly but if you can't attend, why not contact Clair Cogdon to book a 30 minute 1-2-1 meeting on Teams or in person at City Hall instead?

Sample Agenda

Wednesday 29th May 2024, Mayor's Parlour, City Hall, Plater Way, Sunderland SR1 3AA

  1. 15 mins

    Attendees should report to the foyer area of City Hall (St. Mary's Boulevard entrance)

    Checked in guests will be taken to the Mayor's Parlour on the 6th floor for light breakfast refreshments and chance to network with other attendees.

  1. 15 mins

    Welcome from Expo Sunderland team and introduction to today's guest speakers and event housekeeping.

  1. 15 mins
    An introduction to Expo Sunderland
  1. 15 mins
    Update from City Developments including Keel Square, High Street West, Riverside Park and progress for the mixed use neighbourhood at Sheepfolds in an urban context.
  1. 15 mins

    As Expo's headline partner, University of Sunderland are playing a pivotal role in helping us to shape the programme.

    Uni staff and students will be delivering a packed schedule of activities at Expo events to give each audience group the unique opportunity to see how our University community puts wellbeing and student experience at the heart of everything they do.


  1. 15 mins

    British Esports are making strides with their National Esports Performance Campus and will update on their plans for the new arena.

    Opportunities for businesses to work with British Esports on their new funded programmes to upskill staff will also be included.

  1. 300 mins

    Use the opportunity to visit Expo's "Come Outside" event in the context of its place after the session finishes and picture how you can get involved in future Expo events

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