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Chester King

Chester King

CEO, British Esports

Chester King is a leading figure in esports (competitive video gaming), celebrated for his multifaceted roles and unparalleled dedication to the industry's advancement.

As CEO of the British Esports Federation, Chester has been instrumental in shaping the UK esports landscape. Additionally, he holds the positions of Vice President of the Global Esports Federation, Founding Member of the International Olympic Committee's esports and gaming liaison group and Trade Advisor Member to the Department for Business and Trade (UK Gov).

Beyond esports, Chester serves as CEO of International Group. The International Group of companies is a fourth generation, private family business founded in the UK. The group has built an impressive international reputation, working in over 55 countries, delivering high quality service to its clients. The group has completed over 485 healthcare and leisure projects with; The United Nations, The World Bank, 24 national Governments and private clients.