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University of Sunderland

Dr Chloe Sutcliffe

Dr Chloe Sutcliffe

Sustainability Fellow, Royal Horticultural Society

Chloe is an environmental social scientist with research expertise in horticulture, agriculture and food system resilience. She has published over 15 academic papers exploring stakeholder attitudes to and communications about environmental risks, sustainability and resilience in a range of contexts. She is particularly interested in trying to understand the factors that influence environmental attitudes and behaviours.

At the RHS, she is a member of the Environmental Horticulture Team, which carries out research into the interacting roles that soils, plants, water and people can play in gardens and green spaces. Her RHS fellowship focuses on developing a tool for domestic gardeners to measure the positive and negative environmental impacts of their garden management practices.  As part of the process, she is using social research methods to identify how best to contextualise and communicate environmental impact information to encourage pro-environmental behaviour change.

Earlier in her career, she worked and trained in horticulture at Garden Organic and RBG Kew. Outside work, she is a member of her local community seed bank and helps organise Kidical Mass bike rides.