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Expo is coming...are you in?

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Expo Sunderland is all about coming together to find new ways to make our cities healthier, our homes greener, and our lives brighter! It’ll go big in 2025 where we will start to explore creative solutions to help the environment and make everything around and us, more sustainable.

It’s all happening in Riverside Sunderland, which is this exciting project in the city centre. We’re trying to make it a place where we can live that's good for the planet too - no pollution and eco-friendly.

Sunderland is already winning awards for being super smart with technology and stuff. We are on our way to becoming one of the smartest cities in the UK and you'll get to experience it all at Expo Sunderland.

2024 events are all about bringing the city centre to life and to give our visitors a taste of what's to come in 2025!

Watch the video from our first 2024 pilot event


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